How to declutter your house (part five- miscellaneous)

Miscellaneous, or as Marie Kondo calls it, ‘Komono’ or as I call it, everything else in your entire house.

After diligently completing Clothes, Books and Papers, I was getting into it, but then came the crushing realisation that there was still  loads of scary stuff to go through, the ‘bits and bobs draw’ of terror, and the ‘cupboard under the stairs’ of doom, not to mention the ‘study’ of certain death.

The miscellaneous chapter in the book is quite scant considering how much of your house in contained within this section, although it does contain an order of which to tackle first, namely:

  • CDs, DVDs
  • Skincare
  • Make up
  • Accessories
  • Valuables
  • Electrical equipment and appliances
  • Household equipment
  • Household supplies
  • Kitchen goods
  • Other

Basically, this bit takes ages, took us probably five months? We only finished it recently because the deadline of six months from starting was approaching. Another important point is Marie Kondo doesn’t have children, so although there are two separate sections for make up and skincare there are no pointers on toys or baby equipment.

Apart from clothes which they’d grown out of, I tried to leave the kid’s stuff until last. The reasons for this were that, a) this was my choice to go bonkers and throw all my belongings away, not theirs, and b) that whilst I knew I still had actual rubbish around the house, it wasn’t fair to make them give up their stuff. I think I’ll cover kids decluttering in a separate post, as there’s so much of it.

Here is a picture of us midway through, it’s not pretty.


This bit is really tempting to do by area, but you’ve really got to stick to the categories, otherwise you’ll never realise you have eight extension cables, or five chargers, or a life size cut out of Bruce Forsyth*. You also have to be strict on the ‘just in case’ items. What do you actually need? How many boxes of matches/paper plates/ safety pins? We got rid of nearly all our supplies, and now it’s much easier to find everything, and if there’s something we need that we haven’t got we know instantly and can either make do, or (this hasn’t happened yet) buy a replacement.

Once you’ve chucked everything, you need to find a place for what’s left. This is not as easy as clothes/ books /papers as the things you are storing are many and diverse. Try to store similar things together, and only one place for each type of thing (no pens dotted all around the house). I’m not sure if we’ve got this 100% right, it’s hard to know where to draw the line between kitchen/ electrical/ household supplies stuff, but everything has a place, and we can find stuff super quick.

Here are some nicer pictures…

Kitchenware is easy to find. Note the Tupperware and separate lid stacking. Kill me now.






I still can’t fold a fitted sheet, not matter what Pinterest tells me…



This is our entire bathroom storage for four of us, and it’s plenty.


All these pictures were taken today, without any tidying up, which goes to show that the method works, because I am the worlds laziest person, if I can do it, and keep it up, it must be magic.


* This is a joke, however I once saw a house advertised that had a lifesize mural of Brucie on the wall, which they included in the pictures!

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