Strawberry tart for summer

I took the kids strawberry picking yesterday, it was a good way to fill an afternoon and when you consider how many they ‘sampled’ it was great value!

We normally forget to go there until late in the season, on a Sunday afternoon, when it takes considerable foraging to find a few half decent strawberries. However yesterday, before the weekend crowd had done their pillaging, big juicy ones were plentiful.

In an act of preemptive gluttony I made this tart and the creme patisserie before I went, which meant when I got back I just needed to chop and arrange the strawberries on top (and take an Instagram worthy picture of course @careerspacer)

Here is the recipe from the lovely Nigel Slater. A note on the filling, the crème patisserie is delicious so well worth the effort. He says stir occasionally but I did this and it went lumpy so I’d say stir constantly. If it does go lumpy, reduce it right down, beat the hell out of it, then let it down with milk. If anyone complains, get a new family.

It really is very easy to make, especially the pastry, and officially the best thing my husband has ever eaten!

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