How to justify childcare when you’re at home

‘Hang on, so they’ll both be in nursery? For a whole day?? While you’re at home???’

Yup. Of course. Otherwise I’d still be at work.

For some people, being a stay-at-home mum is a calling. ‘All I’ve ever wanted to be is a mum’ they say wistfully, (on the TV, I’ve never heard anyone say that in real life). For others there’s no choice, they earn less than childcare or their job involves loads of travel, they have to give it up when they have kids.

But for me, this is a break. And for a break I need childcare. Not much, one day a week for the baby, and two days for the pre-schooler (she gets her 15 free hours). Four years of broken sleep and meeting the demands of two children close in age have taken their toll.

On my day off, I rest. I sleep, eat and watch telly (and tinker about writing this). I see my purpose on this day as to gain enough patience for my family to last the rest of the week. Up until I finished work I’d had maybe four or five days in the last four years where I hadn’t been pregnant, at work, or looking after children.

Yes it costs money, but I save elsewhere. It is so good for all of us. My eldest gets education and socialisation and two days without screen time. My youngest gets to spend some time away from me, (which is important as they don’t really get left with anyone) and it has really helped her speech develop.

Also I very much see nursery as health insurance. If I’m ill they can go in for an extra day, if there’s an emergency I know they’ll try to help. Plus I also see it as behaviour insurance, it keeps a check on any crazy behaviour (from me or the children.)

So, if you’re at home with the kids and can manage some childcare, go for it, let me know if you need any more reasons, I’ve got hundreds.


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